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Jennifer Curtis, Owner and Partner
Outside of the Box Creations, LLP

I am married to Matthew, a hard-working guy with a dry sense of humor.  I have three children, but only the younger two still live at home: Amanda (21), Mitch (16), & Maggie (12).  I love to spend time watching my kids play sports!  I also used to love coaching their sports, but they have all kind of outgrown having Mom as their coach.

I love to cook and bake because my family loves to eat.  I think it’s super important to eat together as a family.  (Plus, homemade meals are much healthier than eating out all of the time.)  I continually try new recipes & read multiple cooking magazines.  My favorites are “Every Day with Rachael Ray” and “The Food Network Magazine”.  I also get inspired by watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (Matt loves watching this more than I do!) and often try to recreate foods that they feature on the show.

I am addicted to decorating and creating new things.  I love adding custom details to clothing or rooms that make them special.  I read decorating magazines (favs are “Better Homes and Gardens”, “HGTV Magazine”, and “Country Living”) and scroll thru Pintrest whenever I want some inspiration.  I am definitely a Do-It-Yourselfer when it comes to all of these projects.  It is so cool to turn something plain into something pretty or something boring into something unique.  I find something especially peaceful about painting walls or furniture —- and I love being able to enjoy the end result.


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